15 Minutes @ Aperitivo And I’m So Happy!

Today the weather has warmed up and the twins needed to burn off steam, I suggested we go to the farmer’s market in down town Grand Rapids. We have not been there since the inside part opened.

IMG_0305Right when we entered you could feel the vibrant life working to create food, but that does not matter right now because I found cheese, meat and wine in shop named Aperitivo. Of course I walked around and checked out the place, even wore the energy out of the twins. I returned for as I passed Aperitivo I seen Speck for sale not to mention the mouth watering cheese.

Staff extremely friendly even before I stopped to shop Aperitivo offered stickers for the twins. Random acts of kindness always make me smile. I decided I was going to pick me up a little snack for lunch at home. I knew I was getting Speck for the meat but was not sure about the Cheese. I was suggested a few different types of cheddars and sampled two of them. I went for the Keens Cheddar, I believe a cave dried for 12 months. I should pay more attention but meat and cheese senses took full control of my body.

Upon returning home I stored my snack in the refrigerator, figured I could eat it tonight once the kids are asleep. The twins grew tired so I would have some time to sit at my blogging station and decided now would be the time for snack.

Snack for the day.
OH MY GOD! Is the only way I can say it. Everything tasted so sensational. By far the best thing I have eaten in 2016. Meat and cheese paired together perfectly. I do wish I would have opened a bottle of wine to add to the experience. Even as I sit now my endorphins are still fluttering around my brain in the most happy way.

If I could I would buy a bottle of wine and sit there and try everything. Between the food and the conversation I believe it would be a all day event. I would also take more picture for I am never satisfied with my point and shoot.

I would say everyone should try this store, you will not find these items in your local grocery store, I would even say some of these items are hard to find in bigger city’s.

via aperitivo – wine, beer, cheese & charcuterie.


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