Returning to Aperitivo

Lucky for me my daughters were jealous we went to the market without them. This was my chance to try some more meat and cheese from APer. Same great service as my last visit, traveling to the market with all the kids cut my shopping time short though

For today I purchased a ┬áSmoking Goose Dodge City salami and paired it with ┬áKeens cheddar (the twelve month cave aged cheese I purchased last time) and an aged L’Amuse Gouda by Essex. Again my brain is thinking wine, but not sure I can open one right now. May settle for Irish whiskey again to help accompany my snack.

No matter what I need a few pics for the post, so as the twins are napping and my daughter are playing I remove the goods from the refrigerator for my photo shoot (using iPad for camera, hope for best).

I could not help myself once the package was open I had to try a slice of meat. Wow the chunks of fat gave the salami a nice creamy texture and pepper blended well together. I must eat this with red wine.

I did notice towards the back of the store customers enjoying a glass of wine. Next visit I will eat meat and cheese in the store while sampling wine and possibly blogging about it. That is if I survive beer week in Grand Rapids next week.


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