The Art of Fish Mongering 

It is tough for me to enter a fish market, or even the seafood department in a grocery store. I feel like I am being lied to and ripped off. This does not mean that I do not enjoy the seafood I buy, and yes I buy my fair share. Its just I do not believe it when the word “fresh” is used.

What does fresh mean? I would think just killed off the boat. This does not mean you fish is going to be great but it would be fresh. Take Halibut for example fresh out of the water the meat is almost translucent but after a day or two it is nice and white like you really want it to be. But still I seen fresh halibut the other day for 35 dollars a pound and well the season has just started so is this really fresh or are we still eating last years catch.

I do not like to ask this question to the person behind the counter because their must be a universal fish monger expression for the people behind the counter that has them look at you like “the sign say’s fresh dummy”. So I wonder again is that Australian lobster Fresh? Are we paying custom officials to let it through? I have unloaded boats with the fish cops standing over making sure we have what we say we caught so I would assume fish from other countrys would be regulated somewhat.

Even after it gets here does it go to the processing plats first then sold to the buyers or can they just buy direct? Just makes me wonder. I enjoyed some great Crab legs today of course they were frozen but none the less my family and I devoured them without even sitting down. Even as I sit here and type I with that I would have bought more.

Even when you see fishing boats in the marina selling fish right off the boat everyday, do you think they caught the fish themselves? Watch the boat did it ever leave the dock? I have seen boats come in and usually I could trade for whatever they caught but not often.

So this is just me thinking aloud. I still buy fish, lobster, crab, oysters, clams and so on. Eat Sushi whenever possible. I love seafood, I just don’t trust the guy across the counter.

So maybe when people offer me the chance to go fishing I jump at the it. Catch it yourself and you will know how long it has been around. I would recommend dating the bag if you plan of freezing it though. Everything in the freezer seems to blend together.



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