I Enjoy Stella Artois

I may never purchase another Stella Artois for home consumption again. Even though I truly enjoy the taste of this beer. Very well rounded beer that can be paired with any food. Ice cold even better.

Make it a full 12 oz and I may take a better pic.

So you ask why not buy for home? Well my friends the bottles are 11.2 FL OZ. and I pay more for it. I prefer a 16 oz beer or more (though I have slowed down a bit so 40’s tend to get a little warm before I finish them). 11.2 means more trips to the refrigerator or cooler and I feel it an insult that I pay premium price for premium beer I should get the standard 12 oz.

You could say well its 5%, depending on the state you live in that could make a difference but not for me. To me its just a sign that you are trying to boost corporate at the cost of consumers. I will pay more for good beer, but I want full quantity. I know that you’re not the only one doing this Guinness in bottles is lite too, as I am sure others are too¬†but I will be watching.

In the end I would say for beer companies to not make stupid moves like short pour your consumers. In the consumer side of beer drinking I have never heard a person complain that they were poured to much beer. I have seen people not finish their beer and would think that would be part of drink responsibly like the ads tell us to.


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