Over the last few years my wife and I make at least one batch of Kimchi a year and I must say the I love the stuff when we make it and my wife prefers it a little later when it is a little more fermented. No matter what we enjoy making it. Good Kimchi use the link to the recipe.



2 thoughts on “KIMCHI So Juicy

  1. I was surprised when I started learning about Korean food several years ago that kimchee was actually an entire range of foods, not just the one spicy fermented cabbage dish that I was familiar with, and which you detailed here. Personally, I prefer the milder “water kimchee” dishes (“mul kimchee”) over this classic cabbage version, even though I love hot-spicy foods otherwise. But either way, they’re all delicious and deserve to be better known IMO. Great post – thanks for including the toothsome pics!

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